Thursday, April 30, 2015

Michael Jordan Greatest Ever Player -- Advanced Stats Addendum

It wouldn't be my handiwork unless I tossed in a few Advanced Stats nuggets to support my Michael Is Best position.  Here are a few.

Seasons with a PER over 25 -- Jordan has the most with 12 (Shaq 11, Kareem and LeBron 10)

Seasons With a PER Over 30 -- Jordan tied with LeBron for the most at 4 each (Wilt and Shaq with 3 each)

Win Share Seasons over 17 WS -- Wilt 9, Jordan 8

WS/48 over .300 -- Jordan 3, Kareem 3, LeBron 2

Most Playoff Seasons With Over 3 Playoff WS -- Jordan 8, LBJ and Magic tied for 2nd at 6.

Guards With most seasons with over 5 Defensive Win Shares:
Jordan 8, Cousy second place with 5

Guards With 6+ DWS in a season:  it has happened 8 times since 1946-47.  Jordan has two such seasons.

How rare is it for a guard to register a 6 Defensive Win Shares season?  JoJo White had one such season in his career -- 1973.

Between 1973 and 1988, no guard ever registered 6 DWS in a season.  In 1987-88 Jordan registered almost 400 steals plus blocks and put up 6.1 DWS.

In 1995-96, at age 32 and fresh off being retired, Jordan registered 6.2 DWS.  No guard since 1995-96 has ever registered 6 DWS.  So, Jordan did something that had never happened for 15 years, did it again 8 years later, and it has never been done by anyone else in 20 years (the last guard to register even 5 DWS was Rajon Rondo in 2008-09, so I don't look for 6 DWS from a guard any time soon).

Jordan had two seasons with over 230 steals and over 100 blocks.  No one else has ever done that.  Jordan had three seasons with over 230 steals and over 65 blocks.  Only one other player, Alvin Robertson (69 blocks) has ever done that.

If you search for over 200 steals and over 100 blocks, you get Hakeem (1X) and Jordan (2X). 

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