Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RIP Moses Malone

As stated elsewhere in the Blog:

1) My #16 best player of all-time.

2) One of 8 guys to win 3+ regular season MVPs and a title.

(The 8 are, in order, based upon my rankings:  Jordan(1), Wilt(2), Kareem(3), LeBron(4), Magic(6), Russell(8), Bird (13) and Moses (16).

-- Was once tossed out of a high school all-star camp for being too good (no one could compete against him).

-- First player in modern era to go from high school to pros (ABA Utah Stars).

-- 13 time all-star selection

-- 4X first-team all-NBA, 4X second team all-NBA as a center, 2X first-team all-defense

NBA/ABA Combined List top 10s

2nd in made and total free throws, 1st in offensive rebounds, 5th in defensive rebounds, 3rd in total rebounds, 7th in points, #2 in offensive rebound percentage, 5th in total rebound percentage.

Despite having only one title, is one of 25 players listed at basketball-reference.com as having a 100% Hall of Fame likelihood.

Caused of Death -- high blood pressure and being big, old and overweight -- died in his sleep at age 60.

RIP big fella.

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