Friday, January 22, 2016

Jordan, Kobe and LeBron Through Roughly 37,000 Minutes and 7,500 Playoff Minutes

Jordan clearly the best player.  James a clear second.  Kobe languishes behind in virtually every stat (particularly in the advanced stats).

One thing that caught my eye -- probably due to his superior defensive rebounding, LeBron gets more defensive credit in advanced stats than does even Jordan.

The weirdest stat is this:  as of 1/22/16 -- James is 1,303 for 3829 from 3, which is EXACTLY what Kobe was from 3 through roughly 200 more minutes in his career.  Bizarre. particularly when if you asked anyone (OK, if you asked me) they/I would tell you that Kobe jacked a ton more threes and was far more dangerous from three.   Not so on either account.


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