Saturday, February 27, 2016

Republicans Who Say They Will Not Vote for Trump

This is a very interesting article.  Some highlights:

1) There is one anti-Trumper who says she would like to vote for herself, then she will be voting for someone whom she agrees 100% with.  I hope that is a joke.

2) Bill Kristol (as awful of a person as their is) would prefer to see a (as he puts it) "4th Party" ticket based solely on the need of the U.S. to be dedicated to pursuing war everywhere in the world!!!  It is worth noting that Kristol's preferred choice (Dick Cheney) is still alive - I had assumed he was dead, but the fact that he is now more machine than man probably aids him in his longevity.

3) The interesting thing about a lot of these criticisms is that many of the anti-Trumpers do not believe he is conservative ENOUGH!!  So, while they don't really mind his tirades against Mexicans and Muslims and his promise to build the world's biggest wall, etc., they fear, for example, that he is not really anti-abortion. 

4) This comment is just sad:

Eliot Cohen, a professor at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies and a former State Department official in the second Bush Administration, recently tweeted his “short list” of reasons he would never back Trump: “demagoguery, torture, bigotry, misogyny, isolationism, violence. Not the Party of Lincoln & not me.”

He was literally a member of the GWBush Administration and he opposes torture?  Ever watch Zero Dark Thirty?  Ever read the Bush Administration's pro-torture memos?  You WORKED for that administration!  Misogyny? Bigotry?  That is call "the Republican Base".  He is against both "isolationism" (which generally means he wants to intervene in other countries' wars) and "violence"  (so we should actively intervene, but cause no violence?). 

The other argument against Trump, basically, is that he is a "bad guy."  OK, if he is a bad guy, then you have an obligation to affirmatively act to vote for HIS OPPONENT.  But those saying Trump is a bad guy just say "uh, I won't vote for him."  What a bold statement!  I will stand on the sideline and hope he does not win.  This is akin to saying that if someone is running through your neighborhood setting houses on fire that you will not run out and give him more matches or a lighter.  Bold stance. 

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