Thursday, May 05, 2016

LeBron Moves Into the top 5 In 3 Playoff Stats

This knocks Tim Duncan out of the top 5 in points and leaves LeBron as top 5 in points, assists and steals.  Shaq and Kareem are also top 5 in 3 playoff stats.

The most remarkable thing to me about these all-time lists is the top 2 in rebounds and assists.  Assuming LeBron can play 5 more years of playoff basketball at 20 games a year and average 22-5-5 (he is getting old, there isn't much tread left on the tire, but let's assume he can do this), he can add 2,200 points, 500 assist and 500 rebounds to his totals.  While this result would absolutely shatter Jordan's playoff scoring mark, LeBron would STILL not reach Stockton or Magic's playoff assist marks, and he would not have even 60% of the career playoff rebound totals of Russell or Wilt. 

It should be noted that James has ALREADY played more playoff minutes than Wilt or Russell, so their rebounding totals are simply astounding.  The 3rd place rebounder, Duncan, has already played roughly 1,500 more minutes than Wilt or Russell, and Duncan is not within 1000 rebounds of either man!  Duncan is 40 and still playing on a great team.  But unless he plays until he is 50, he will NEVER reach Russell or Wilt.

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