Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump's Bogus Medical Letter

Honest to God?  Trump et al just basically drafts up a bullshit letter and puts it on some doctor's letterhead and signs it for him? 

This is the same crew who managed to steal verbatim from a Michelle Obama speech and their fall woman said, "Melania told me to use parts of Michelle's speech, but I had no idea it was Michelle's speech."  Huh?

Trump is a guy who wants to be President.  What has he established about his ability to do (or delegate people to do) very basic tasks?  Can't write a doctor's letter, can't write a speech, doesn't understand that "get out the vote" is necessary, etc.

Imagine how horrific his tax returns must be!   I mean, let's take Trump at his word and say that this doctor's letter actually came from a licensed medical doctor.  If this is who he selects as his personal physician, imagine who he selects as his accountant.  I guess we see now why his returns are said to be audited every year.  I mean, I envision a tax return with handwritten notes and attached statements about how something is "all positive" or "the best" and the IRS people just saying, "WTF is this?  OK, audit the guy every year."

And yet, Marco Rubio and John McCain -- "We fully support the guy."  Republicans must be SUPER proud of the fact that 75% of all Republicans say this guy is qualified to be President. 

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