Thursday, December 15, 2016

LeBron moves up the List of Those With 40,000+ Points/Rebounds/Assists shows the old list.

LeBron is now at 41,631 total units and is #16, having passed Dan Issel.  LeBron is still roughly 2,000 units behind Dirk and Hakeem, and roughly 3,000 behind Artis Gilmore, Oscar, Michael Jordan and Shaq.

Taking games off won't help LeBron reach top 10 status this year. But if he plays 50 games and averages 25/7/8 he will add 2,000 and get into striking distance of the top 10 for next season.

Paul Pierce is currently at 38,528.  He has only registered 35 total units so far this year, so, yeah....

Vince Carter, who played when Jesus was a carpenter, has not reached 35,000 total units.  Tony Parker and Chris Paul are not even at 30,000 total units.

It is a big man's world in this stat category.

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