Tuesday, October 06, 2015

10 Statistically Best NBA Players of the 2010s

I sorted the stats so that exactly the top 10 Win Shares guys appear if they have a PER of at least 15 (league average) and a WS/48 of over .15 (a very good player on a per minute basis).

I wonder why Dwight Howard is not spit out as a result, but I can look that up. 

Then I gave one point for a 10th place finish in a category, up to 10 points for winning each category (WS, PER, WS/48).

Ten Best Guys
#10th best guy -- Marc Gasol (4 points)

#9 - Tyson Chandler (8.5 points)

#8 - Russell Westbrook (12.5 points, loses tie on total WS to....)

#7 Blake Griffin (12.5 points, wins tie over Russ)

#6 Stephon Curry (14 points)

#5 Kevin Love (15.5 points)

#4 James Harden (18 points)

#3 Kevin Durant (25 points)

#2 Chris Paul (26.5 points)

#1 LeBron James (29.5 points)

OKC had the ##3, 4, and 8 guys on the same team!


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