Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Ten Least Productive Players 2010-11 to 2014-15 Seasons (Min. 8000 MP)


These are guys who have actually played a lot the past 5 years combined (minimum 8000 minutes) and have contributed the least (based upon being bottom 10 in WS, poor WS/48 and PER).

I give 10 points for being the worst in a category (WS. PER, WS/48) down to 1 point for being the 10th worst.

Here goes:

10th worst -- Vasquez (8 points)

9th Worst -- O.J. Mayo (10 points, wins tiebreaker due to more WS than....)

8th Worst -- Luke Ridnour (10)

7th worst Kirk Hinrich (15)

6th worst -- Al-Farooq Aminu (15, fewer WS than Hinrich, but more WS than....)

5th Worst -- Mo Williams (15 points, loses the tiebreaker due to fewer WS than the guys in 7th and 6th)

4th worst -- Brandon Knight (16 points)

3rd Worst -- Evan Turner (22 points)

2nd Worst -- John Salmons (25 points)

And, the least productive guy to play 8,000 minutes or more the past 5 years.....

#1 -- Wes Johnson (28 points, the fewest WS, the worst WS/48, and the 3rd worst PER of the group).


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