Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy 31st Birthday to LeBron James

So, for guys who met my criteria as statistically top 100 NBA players while under the age of 31.5 (basketball-reference measures player age as "how old were you on February 1 of that season") we get these stats for the regular season:

Where does LeBron James rank on this list (he still has January, February, March, and most of April to play this year, so his raw numbers will likely go up)?

Regular Season Win Shares -- 2nd 0.2 behind Wilt, LBJ will likely be #1

Points -- 2nd, 133 behind Kobe, LBJ will likely be #1

Games Started -- 2nd behind KG, LBJ will likely be #1

FG made -- 2nd, substantially behind Wilt

Turnovers - 2nd behind Magic (he will not catch Magic)

FG attempted - 3rd behind Kobe and Wilt - he won't catch Wilt

Games Played - 3rd behind Kobe and KG, he won't catch KG

Minutes Played - 3rd, he will catch KG most likely and be #1

Assists - 6th, over 3,400 behind Magic

PER -- 6th this is a declining stat, he won't reach higher than 6th (Jordan #1)

WS/48 -- 8th see above (Jordan #1)

Steals 8th, over 400 behind Stockton

James 29th in blocks, 32nd in rebounds

Funny one -- he is only 67th in fouls, Shawn Kemp had over 500 more fouls by age 31.5 than anyone else on the list!


Playoff Win Shares - #1

Category finishes of 2nd place (before this set of playoffs, in some categories he can move up):  FG, FGA, Assists, Steals, Turnovers, Points, Games Started, Minutes Played

PER -- 4th (Jordan, Mikan Shaq)

Rebounds -- 5th

WS/48 -- 5th (Mikan, Jordan, Wilt, Kareem, LeBron).

Blocks -- 9th

I find it interesting that LeBron follows (in order) Jordan, Wilt and Kareem in Playoff WS/48 since I have him ranked as the #4 overall player in NBA history, behind those three guys, in that order.

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