Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Halfway Through the NBA Season, Who Are the Top 12 Guys?


I took PER above 22, WS over 4.4 and WS/48 above .16, and that got me 12 guys. 
Then I assigned one point for a 12th place finish in a category and up to 12 points for a 1st place finish.

12th Place -- Pau Gasol  (4 points)

11th -- Aldridge (8)

10th - LeBron (13)

9th Marc Gasol (14)

8th --  Kyle Lowry (15)

7th and 6th (tie) -- Blake Griffin and Jeff Teague (17 points each)

5th -- Damian Lillard (18)

(Enormous Gap)

4th -- Chris Paul (27 points)

3rd -- James Harden (3rd in PER, 1st in WS, 3rd in WS/48 -- 32 points)

2nd -- Steph Curry (2nd in PER, 3rd in WS, 1st in WS/48 -- 33 points)

Best Statistical First Half -- Anthony Davis
(1st in PER, 2nd in WS, 2nd in WS/48).

In the history of the game, there have been 11 times where a guy has played over 1,200 minutes and recorded a PER of at least 31.  http://bkref.com/tiny/ZYXJK  3 Wilts, 3 LeBrons and 4 Jordans......and Anthony Davis thus far.

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