Monday, January 12, 2015

Roy Tarpley - Dead at 50

Tarpley was one of the greatest rebounders I ever saw.  He was great on one leg, great on drugs, great drunk or hung over.  He was just generally one of the best players I ever saw. 

Of course he got suspended and then kicked out of the league, but he continued to excel in foreign leagues on the court, if not off the court.

So what stats do I have to support my claim that Roy Tarpley was so great?  He led the league one year in offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds and total rebounds.  Very, very difficult to do.

If you search the period of 1984-1996 for 20 point 20 rebound games, you get Olajuwon and Barkley and Karl Malone with multiple games.....and also something like 6 by Roy Tarpley (despite low games played and low minutes per game). 

How about Rebound Percentage?  Well, in the last 30 years, here are the guys who scored more than 7 points per game and had a rebound percentage over 20 for the season:

1Dwight Howard20062014TOTNBA8 seasons
2Marcus Camby20012010TOTNBA5
3Danny Fortson19992005TOTNBA4
4Kevin Love20092013MINNBA4
5Dennis Rodman*19911995TOTNBA4
6Roy Tarpley19871990DALNBA4
7Charles Barkley*19871998TOTNBA3
8Andre Drummond20132015DETNBA3
9Charles Oakley19861988CHINBA3
10Jayson Williams19961998NJNNBA3

Those are probably your best combo rebounders with any offensive ability over the past 30 years (Rodman, by the way, really went off the deep end and had 6 seasons where he had 20+ rebound percentage, but under 7 ppg.)

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