Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Melania Trump -- Loves Her Some Michelle Obama

So, after two days we get an official explanation that says the following:

1) When asked who she most admires, Melania Trump turns to..........Michelle Obama.  The Devil Incarnate for the GOP base.  The person they spent 7+ years saying hates "whitey" and who forces kids to try to eat healthy food -- which is basically the end of the world.

The person who, along with her Kenyan, Muslim, Gay-Loving, Police-Hating, non-citizen, fake-school-going, not-that-bright husband, have ruined America and all that is great about America.  The family that causes her own husband to stand up with a goofy hat on and say "Make American Great Again."  That Michelle Obama.  She admires her.

She wants to quote her.  She wishes she was just like her (or possibly she thinks she is just like Michelle Obama).

Wow.  Question one for the Trump Campaign -- does your wife admire Michelle Obama?

2) Melania tells the writer lady -- "Hey, in her speech, Michelle Obama said these things (fills in what MO said).  I want to say that too." 

So the explanation is that the speech writer thought that the exact things stated by Michelle Obama, that Melania was providing to the speech writer, were not actually in Michelle Obama's speech?  That they were a paraphrase?   

Imagine I told someone, "Hey, you know what Tom Thibodeau said the other day in the huddle?  He said, "Don't give up corner threes and shrink the floor defensively.  Rebound up and through the ball."".   Does the person I am speaking to think that these words are somehow my interpretation of what was said?  That Thibs didn't use these exact words?  I mean, come on. 

What happened here is either that 1) the speech writer lady was asked to look at an old Michelle Obama speech and take the parts Melania liked.  She did so, verbatim.  She thought no one would ever know; or 2) the speech writer changed the words around some and gave it to Melania, who said, "uh, no.  I want to say exactly what my hero Michelle Obama said."  and she changed the words.  .    

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