Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day 2016

The great fear I have, of course, is that Trump's undereducated wave of white males just explodes and shows up at the polls in their camo to vote.

When Ventura won in Minnesota, that happened.  I showed up at my lily-white polling place and saw guys who appeared to be either coming back from hunting or on their way to hunting signing up to vote.  (We have same-day registration in Minnesota).  I knew Ventura had a real chance then.

Today at my polling place it was a lot of people on their way to work.  There was no influx of redneck white voters.  That is a good sign, at least where I am at.  Also, I don't know where they found 1-2% minority voters in my precinct, but they all came to vote at 7:00 a.m.

Anyway - hopeful that Trump and his ilk will go down today.  The sad thing is that there are only about 30-35% of the voting public who are the ignorant racists that Trump preys upon.  If he gets 48% (which is about what he needs to win) that means that 13% of people who are neither ignorant or racist have voted for him....which makes me even sadder and more depressed for our future.

One can only hope that women and minorities are willing to stand in long lines to stop this guy, because we white men have failed our country badly in 2016.  Look, guys, I know you're angry that you had to be ruled by a half-black guy for 8 years.  That is no reason for you to allow a crazy and incompetent psychopath to become President. 

Anyway, Trump has the same chance of winning that a major league pitcher has of getting a hit when he is batting.  Which is pretty low, but way too high for my liking.  I have called and texted every Hillary voter I know to ask that they please vote.  I guess I should have volunteered or given money.  I should have done more and tried harder.  But now I am stuck hoping for a good result.  Who knows what will happen?  We shall see. 

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