Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen -- NBA Champion J.R. Smith

When the Cavs celebrate the 20th anniversary of their NBA title in 2036 (or late 2035, however they do those things) someone will interview the 51 year old LeBron James and the conversation will go like this:

Q - So the 2016 Cavs - great team.  Who started for you then?

A - Well, me, Kyrie, Love, Tristan Thompson was our 6'8" center.  And JR of course.

Q -- JR, Reid?

A -- No, JR Smith.  Shooting guard.  Starting off guard.

Q - Wait the guy who played for Denver and the Knicks?  He was on that team?  How much did he play?  Didn't he split time with Delly and Shump?

A - No.  JR was the starting off guard.  Against the Warriors in the Finals he played 261 minutes - 3rd most behind me and Kyrie.

Q -- So, you beat a team that had won 72 games with JR Smith playing that many minutes?  What were his Finals numbers? 

A. Well, he went 10/3/2, rounding up.

Q -- Well, at least you had Kevin Love, right?

A -- Kevin played 158 minutes and went 9/7.  Rounding up again.

Q -- (blank look) So, LeBron you are the clearly the best player of all-time. 

A - Certainly top 4.

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