Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dirk Passes KG For 7th On the Career Win Shares List

Barring some horrible injury to Dirk or the invention of a new steroid for KG, I think Dirk has passed him for good.

In other developments, Duncan slowly inching his way toward becoming the 6th guy with 200 career Win Shares.  LeBron has passed Reggie Miller and assuming he can get 5 WS the rest of the way, he will pass Barkley and David Robinson this year and sit just outside the top 10 at age 31.  Below Magic sits Paul Pierce, who seemingly will play forever.  He is 8 short of Magic right now, so he will need a couple good years or three OK years to reach the top 20 (again, NBA only -- Dr. J, and Gilmore rise up the list if you include ABA WS).

Coming on hard -- Chris Paul shows no signs of slowing down and at his current pace of 15 a year he could be top 22 by 2016..  Durant is trying to shake off some early career woes and has yet to reach 100.  Pau Gasol will soon pass Buck Williams for 40th place.

Your top 20 Win Shares players (NBA stats only) as of the morning of February 10, 2015:

1.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*273.41
2.Wilt Chamberlain*247.26
3.Karl Malone*234.63
4.Michael Jordan*214.02
5.John Stockton*207.70
6.Tim Duncan196.78
7.Dirk Nowitzki190.07
8.Kevin Garnett190.04
9.Oscar Robertson*189.21
10.Shaquille O'Neal181.71
11.David Robinson*178.67
12.Charles Barkley*177.21
13.LeBron James174.84
14.Reggie Miller*174.40
15.Kobe Bryant173.14
16.Moses Malone*167.07
17.Bill Russell*163.51
18.Hakeem Olajuwon*162.77
19.Jerry West*162.58
20.Magic Johnson*155.79

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