Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jodi Arias -- Doesn't Deserve the Death Penalty


It is a close call, I will concede.  But this is obviously a very troubled and disturbed woman who snapped due to the mistreatment by her sort of boyfriend.

While certainly no one deserves to die, the victim here was not altogether blameless in his death.  He used this girl for sex and led her along with the belief that he was somewhat serious about her.  In reality, she was never a serious candidate for a serious life long relationship with the guy.  She was, for lack of a better analogy, a substitute for Kleenex or a towel or an old shirt or an old sock.  He used her to get off.  When there is a relationship between two parties, there is almost always going to be an imbalance in power, but you probably ought not to mislead a woman with respect to your intentions when she is so crazy that she doesn't mind dressing up in little boys' underwear and having you sodomize her.    I mean, geez, you have some psycho-sexual issues issues and you are taking them out on this girl....and she allows you to do so, with the false hope that by doing so she will get you to love and marry her.

Can you really be all that surprised when one day she completely loses her mind and decides you have effed with her (and effed her) long enough? 

Look, I will concede that I have had a couple of unbalanced relationships in my life where I was more like the Travis Alexander side of the relationship.  Both relationships were with extremely intelligent women.  Extremely intelligent.  One was under 20 and in need of attention, the other was borderline insane.  Had the first one decided one day to wake up and kill me, I would have been disappointed, but I cannot say I wouldn't have slightly deserved it.  The second one?  She on several occasions told me that she would stab me, she told me her dad would have me killed, she told me that I better watch myself.....  In light of the fact that I knew her imbalance and still conducted myself as I did, had she killed me, should she go to prison forever?  Sure.  Would my ghost wander the earth if she didn't get the death penalty?  No.  (That said, I will quickly note that I have seen neither person for 23+ years so any desire to kill me would NOW be completely unjustified - you have had a 23+ year cooling off period).

If I were not on the jury, I would not vote to kill Jodi Arias.

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