Monday, February 23, 2015

Guys Who Played At a High Level for the Longest Time

With KG's return to Minneapolis set for Wednesday, let's review the list of guys who played at a 10+ Win Share level for the most seasons.  KG no longer plays at that level, but he is on the list in a tie for 18th place.  See below for the name, dates, and (at the end) number of seasons a guy managed to get 10+ Win Shares (led by Kareem's 16 seasons).  The "one of this guys is not like the other" guy would be Reggie Miller.....certainly not a top 25 (or probably not a top 50) player, but he is tied for 7th place on this list.  (For you younger folks, Bob Petit was ten times first-team All-NBA.).

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*19701986TOTNBA16
2Karl Malone*19882003UTANBA14
3Wilt Chamberlain*19601973TOTNBA13
4John Stockton*19882002UTANBA13
5Tim Duncan19982010SASNBA12
6Dirk Nowitzki20012014DALNBA12
7Kobe Bryant20002013LALNBA11
8Magic Johnson*19801991LALNBA11
9Michael Jordan*19851998CHINBA11
10Reggie Miller*19902001INDNBA11
11Oscar Robertson*19611971TOTNBA11
12David Robinson*19902002SASNBA11
13Bill Russell*19581969BOSNBA11
14Charles Barkley*19861996TOTNBA10
15LeBron James20052014TOTNBA10
16Bob Pettit*19551964TOTNBA10
17Jerry West*19621973LALNBA10
18Larry Bird*19801988BOSNBA9
19Kevin Garnett20002008TOTNBA9
20Shaquille O'Neal19932005TOTNBA9

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