Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Explaining the NBA Finals 2015 Very Briefly

Most effective players in the finals:






This teaches us, of course, that James was the MVP and, if he was not, then it should have been Curry.  But, moving on.... 

If Mozgov was pretty good, why did the Cavs lose?  Well, the Cavs’ backcourt was SO awful that it wiped out virtually all of LeBron’s Wins Above Replacement (he had +1.7, they cost -1.5).

Delly, Smith, Shumpert and James Jones failed to play at a level equal to these guys:

Howard Eisley, JJ Barea and Gerald Henderson level of play would have netted the Cavs a title.

Unfortunately, rather than reaching this lofty "I am as good as a random replacement player" goal, Delly, for example, actually far, far worse.

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