Friday, June 19, 2015

Matthew Dellavedova 2015 Playoffs -- Basically The Worst Guy Who Played Much

Of 22 guys who played the number of minutes he did (497) or more, Delly ranked:

Win Shares - last
WS.48 == last
Points Per Game - last
Rebounds per game - tie for last with JJ Redick
FG% - last
2 point % - next to last (beat out teammate Iman Shumpert)
3 point % - 14th
Effective FG%   -- last
True Shooting % -- last

Interestingly, if you open up the sort to only 400 minutes played, you do get guys who challenge Delly a little for suckiness.  Marc Gasol shot .394 with no 3s, so he had a worse FG% and eFG%.

Andrew Bogut, by the by, played less than Delly and shot 5-13 from the line.

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