Monday, August 17, 2015

Good article on the latest Fox News Poll

I would summarize it as this -- 56% of the GOP electorate is not currently following directions.   They are supposed to vote for Bush and let Walker and Rubio do well enough that they can be a good VP candidate. 

Instead, 56% say they will be voting for clearly unelectable options (Trump, Carson, Cruz, Huackbee, Paul).  Bush is plummeting, Walker has lost 1/3 of his support.  Rubio could not have done much better in the debate.....he dropped a point.    Rubio's debate performance was like when Corey BRewer scored 51 points in a game -- a reporter that night asked LeBron, "So, your thoughts on CBrew scoring 51 points tonight."  LeBron, "well, good for him......wait, WHAT!?!?!?!?"  Rubio is never going to be that good ever again - yet, rather than reward him for his effort (and his willingness to move even FURTHER right on abortion than FoxNews thought he was), the voters actually ran away from him.

Anyway -- go Trump!  And have you ever seen a guy who is around 65 years old who looks anywhere near as good as Ben Carson?  Whatever secret medical knowledge he has should be ferreted out and provided at no charge to short, portly 51 year old bloggers.

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