Monday, August 24, 2015

Trump Comes Out In Favor of Taxing Rich Hedge Fund Managers

Trump, of course, is right.  People who make $300,000 a year should NOT get taxed at 39.6% while hedge fund managers make $300,000,000 and get taxed at 23.8%. 

That said, Trump better HOPE to God that one of three things happens:  1) he starts to decline in the polls; 2) he "evolves" on this position; or 3) he decides that he was misunderstood.  Because if none of these three things happens, I honestly fear for Donald Trump's life.  There is nothing more that Republican power brokers hate than a guy who will raise taxes on the wealthy.  If Trump is on his way to getting the GOP nomination and he is serious about increasing taxes on the wealthy.....desperate times call for desperate measures....  GOP power brokers do not give a fuck about social issues - they use the issues for votes.  Their daughters get abortions.  Their gay kids and relatives get married and they attend.  They love the cheap labor created by illegal immigrants.  But you start asking them to pay taxes?  Oh boy.

I am, in no way, advocating violence toward Mr. Trump -- as I have said, I agree with him.  But Jack Kennedy took on the mob and tried to cut off their sources of untaxed income.  Didn't end well for him.

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